Nina Reiser’s body found

Hans Reiser just revealed the location of Nina’s body in return for a lighter sentence:

I always believed he murdered her, but this somehow brings home the reality of it in a way that blood stains and missing car seats didn’t. Ew ew ew creepy ew.

4 thoughts on “Nina Reiser’s body found

  1. evidence

    For me the evidence was not clear and I had serious doubts (I blame my imagination – I considered different scenarios for this crime, more or less based on the available facts). Fortunately the jury wasn’t as blind as me.


  2. That case was very strange for me. Reading through all the transcripts it seemed like there was no real evidence, just a lot of weirdness. It really seemed like he was convicted for being a jerk and nothing else. I’m actually surprised he killed her.

  3. I wasn’t surprised, after reading some of the trial transcripts. Individually, any of his odd behaviors could have been happenstance, but there were too many, all pointing in the same direction.

    Oh, and d*nm zdnet spun it as ‘Linux coder reportedly leads police to wife’s body’. Grrr.

  4. This makes me wonder.. I think one has to be a little off to be a good filesystem designer (or coder, for that matter).

    What is it about filesystems that attracts the less-than sane?

    (I say this after having been playing with network filesystems for 10 or so years… AFS, Coda, Intermezzo, discussions about using bitkeeper as a filesystem backend, OpenAFS, kAFS, PVFS, and now Lustre )

    I could be completely off base here.. my experience with reisserfs was it was crap anyway.

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