Linux Plumbers Conference – registration open, and CFP

I have always wanted a Linux conference that was good for Getting Stuff Done. I mean, I love hanging out with my friends and watching their incredibly funny yet educational talks, but a lot of the time I really just want to sit down and say, “So, how about that page cache?” Especially when it comes to the places where different subsystems intersect. You get all the file systems people at the storage workshop, and all the VM people at the memory management summit, but we hardly ever talk to each other.

And boy, do we need to talk to each other. Just last night, Dave Chinner and I were talking about the inode write-out problem – you can cache quite a lot of inodes in relatively little memory, but when you suddenly have to write out the dirty inodes, every inode ends up requiring an entire block’s worth of IO – non-contiguous IO. So you end up being seek-limited to a few hundred inode writes a second or so and taking several minutes to complete the write-out, during which your system might as well be a lead brick for all the use you’ll get out of it. This is a problem that neither FS people or VM people can solve by themselves.

But I digress.

Many of my kernel hacker friends agree that a Getting Stuff Done conference would be way cool, but Kristen Accardi was the only one willing to actually organize such a conference. Thus, the Linux Plumbers Conference was born.

LPC is for the people who write the essential “plumbing” of Linux – the kernel, the windowing system, the core system libraries, early init, etc. The conference has multiple short microconferences focused on particular areas, but lots of room and time for cross-project meetings and discussion. Every microconference will be organized differently, but in general the trend will be more towards group discussion and less towards long one-sided presentations.

LPC is awesome for lots of other reasons having little to do with Getting Stuff Done. It’s in Portland, which has great food, breweries, wineries, fabulous public transit, and, surprisingly, nice weather in September. LPC is co-located with Kernel Summit this year and starts right after KS, so people going to KS can go to LPC without buying another plane ticket. Registration is only $250 and free for speakers (no one is making money off this conference – quite the contrary).

And now, registration is open to the public and the Call for Speakers is out:

I don’t know if the conference is going to sell out (it’s limited to 350 people) but I’m already registered so I’m safe.

I just joined the LPC volunteer team as (of all things) a publicity wonk, so if you notice anything familiar about the writing style of the announcements, you’re not imagining it. :)

2 thoughts on “Linux Plumbers Conference – registration open, and CFP

  1. Looks like fun

    I notice the calendar just says “Microconf 1”, “Microconf 2”, etc. Can we assume they will be in the order the microconferences are listed, i.e., storage, then video, etc.? I can probably only do 1-2 days, so want to pick the right ones.

  2. Re: Looks like fun

    Good question. No, the orders are not related. They are trying to keep the schedule up in the air until they know which microconfs have a lot of people who want to go to both of them, so they can schedule non-conflicting microconfs against each other. The sooner people register (and indicate which microconfs they are interested in), the sooner we can come up with a schedule.

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