The Best of Portland (that you never heard of)

I just visited Portland and discovered a few places that I didn’t know about when I lived there – and neither did several other veteran Portlanders. For your edification, the top three “Gee, I wish I’d known about that” for me:

To his credit, Zach Brown has been trying to get me to go to Teardrop Lounge for months, but I’m still grumpy I didn’t know about this place sooner. The proprietors are certified bartender nerds who craft the most amazing and subtle cocktails from the most unlikely substances. They make their own tonic water, they are that into the science of drink. It’s also a beautifully decorated mellow space. Someone should organize a beering there.

Jake’s Famous Crawfish is one of those well-known landmarks that you ignore because, hell, everyone knows about this place and it can’t possibly live up to the hype. Well, actually, Jake’s really *is* one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in the nation. Let me think… Yep, the best seafood I’ve ever had. Prices to match, but you gotta live sometime.

Ace Hotel in downtown Portland is a wonderfully funky yet high class hotel located one block from everything (or at least one block from a free ride on Portland’s excellent public transit system to everything). The Ace is located in what used to be Crackhead Central but is now a bustling hip neighborhood whose greatest downfall is the inevitable infestation of hipsters. I’m okay with that; I’m already immune from living in the Mission.

Feel free to leave your best-of-Portland comments…

5 thoughts on “The Best of Portland (that you never heard of)

  1. Free Geek

    Linux, recycling, and fun nerds.
    I like to stay at the Jupiter Hotel on Burnside when I’m visiting them.

    Thanks for the tips! Will come in handy next time.

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