Even the criminals have MySpace pages now

Back in 1995 when the web was just getting off the ground, I went off to university and didn’t watch TV for a couple of years. So the next time I turned on the TV, I was immediately struck by the fact that all the car ads had URLs now.

Something similar happened to me this week. I’m down in L.A. visiting a client fortuitously located across from a building covered in the most amazingly beautiful graffiti. One section has a URL for the artists’ MySpace page:

I started keeping an eye out for others:

Check out the Google Street View for more awesome graffiti.

5 thoughts on “Even the criminals have MySpace pages now

  1. Grime‘s pretty interesting there, too. It’s basically an MC-led, super-aggressive version of hip-hop that started on pirate radio in London, its spiritual home. I’m not that into it myself, but listening to grime sets is always entertaining when you hear the MC break their usual ‘murk murk murk skeng shank’ (roughly, you’re dead) flow to shout out something like ‘DUN KNOW THE MYSPACE, MYSPACE DOT COM FORWARD SLASH J M E SERIOUS’. Cracks me up, but most everyone does it.

  2. nice pics. I’ve now made it a point to pick up on this sort of thing each time I visit a new city. Boston looks uncultured by comparison to everywhere else in this regard.

  3. s/criminals/disaffected youth/ ? :)

    I know you gush about the graffiti, but it’s all sort of the same thing..

    (hopes this doesn’t devolve into a flamewar, but .. SOMEONE’S WRONG ON THE INTERNET)

  4. That’s exactly the brand I have — ADATA 16GB SDHC. The symptoms match too; the first sector gets zeroed. If I rerun fdisk to reinstall the partition table, most of the filesystem is still present, but other seemingly random blocks have also gone to zero.

    The back of my SDHC card reads “G16GNMC810560”. There doesn’t appear to be any other identifying information on the card.

    Regarding the “usable in other computers” — I believe I’ve experiences problems both plugged into the “Ricoh Co Ltd R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro Host Adapter (rev 13)” built into my Thinkpad X40 and also in the noname USB card reader I use, but I haven’t tried with a different kernel.

    I guess we need RAIB (redundant array of inexpensive flash blocks) to circumvent this problem.

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