Supporting assertive women

I forgot to make my main point in my post about what managers and other people in positions of power can do to help women succeed: Make a conscious effort to respond positively to assertive, confident women who ask for what they deserve. Go ahead and feel that annoyance or anger or indignation when a woman steps up and asks for her due – and then acknowledge that your feelings are unfair and sexist and try to overcome them.

For some years now, I’ve been making a conscious effort to support and appreciate women who are brave and aggressive and outspoken. It’s not always easy and I know I’m not completely successful, but the results have always been worth it. Women can do amazing things if you just fail to completely handicap them.

4 thoughts on “Supporting assertive women

  1. The entire point of the post is that women suffer more than men in this area. Thus, replacing “women” with “people” destroys the entire point of the post.

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