Office Space: Cheap beer edition

Last night, evan and I held an Office Space viewing party with the following intriguing twist: We would attempt to eat and drink the same things as Peter ‘n’ the gang in the movie. This turns out to be harder than it looks for a lot of reasons.

  • Most labels are hidden. With few exceptions (e.g., Pepsi), the labels of what people are eating and drinking are casually but carefully hidden. We assume this is due to advertising or sponsorship or something.
  • The characters eat and drink a lot. I mean, a lot. I had no idea how many times people, say, drank coffee in the movie. It’s around 10 times.
  • Most of the food and drink is disgusting junk food. The only item they partake of in the movie that I would consume of my own free will is the water Peter drinks in his interview with the Bobs.

The menu we finally came up with was:

Molson Ice – Lawrence scene
Water – Interview with the Bobs
Pepsi and Cheetos – Tetris
Dos Equis – Peter & Michael plot
Miller – Tom’s party
Birthday cake – Lumbergh’s party
Piña colada – Milton on the beach

Except, of course, that Molson Ice isn’t available for love or money in the Bay area. No, the only absurd cheap beer one can get around here is Pabst Blue Ribbon for the faux-slumming hipsters (50 cents a can!). Sam at Thanasis Market assures me he can get it if I order it ahead, but we only had two days lead time. Lina came up with the idea of just writing “Molson Ice” on bottles of some other beer (Moosehead, it was at least Canadian – and not nearly as bad).

It was fun, especially bringing out the cake with “Happy Birthday Bill” written on it and the “4” and “1” candles, but the major downside is the obvious one: Yuck, eating all that junk was disgusting. This did lead to a great deal of fun pawning off the various leftovers on people as they were leaving, but, ew. I woke up with a stomach ache in the middle of the night.

So, if I do this again, I think I’ll buy expensive beer and vegan cake, and we’ll take symbolic, ceremonial sips instead of attempting to drink 3 whole beers in a 90 minute movie (along with Pepsi and Cheetos and cake and we didn’t even try to do the coffee).

And sorry if you weren’t invited – we had two days notice, a 12-person capacity, and I was somewhat delirious with that hideous cold going around the Bay area. It was a good test drive and I’m sure the next one will be better.

7 thoughts on “Office Space: Cheap beer edition

  1. I am sorry if I got you sick. And next time, if I’m feeling better, I’ll help with the beer and cake…

  2. I was sick for a week before the party. :) But if you really insist, I’m sure I can come up with some other reason for you to feel guilty.

  3. This sounds nearly, but not quite, as silly as the idea I had one time to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy and to drink a toast every time they mention the Force.

  4. Awesome! I am reading “Ask for it” by the same authors as “Women Don’t Ask,” need to post on it soon. It’s excellent practical advice for raising your salary.

  5. Sounds like fun! Keep me posted on the next one. Any thoughts as to what movie you’ll do next?

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