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There’s an atavistic pleasure to deliberately destroying a file system. You spend all this time carefully avoiding accidentally dd’ing over your root file system (well, you do if you’re a file system developer) and when you actually get to do it on purpose… it’s kind of soothing. Even ext3’s poor little complaints about invalid journal entries are somehow pleasing to the eye.

(Why was I dd’ing a live file system? I recycled my ancient laptop at Green Citizen. The State of California will now pay the recycling fee for you for things like monitors and laptops. No, really! Hie yourself on down there and turn in those ancient CRTs while the offer is still good.)

Buffalo Exchange believes there is no market for black combat boots during the summer. In San Francisco. Goth Central. Just saying.

You know those absurd 1-800 numbers on the back of things like Doritos packets? Who calls those, anyway? Answer: Me. I was trying to buy Molson Ice and called 1-800-MOLSON1 to find out if anyone distributes it in the Bay area. (Answer: No.)

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  1. Re: Questions beyond logic

    If you look very closely, I think that’s the beer Peter is drinking with Lawrence in Office Space. :)

  2. For those way over in the east bay…

    Rapid Recycle (http://www.rapidrecycle.net/) handles a similar recycling load in Pacheco (north of Concord). I’m sure someone does in the Oakland/Berkeley area, I just don’t remember.

    BTW, there may be no market for the boots just ’cause the market tends to be a bit flooded… (Goth central + economy in the crapper)

  3. Re: Questions beyond logic

    Ok that makes more sense. You should have told me sooner, I would have brought you a case from New Mexico.

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