Linux == murder

I went to pick up the keys for my new apartment on Valencia and met my property manager, a hip artsy woman who wanted to know what my sign was (apparently Gemini is good). I handed her my business card and she says, “Linux… Isn’t that the thing started by that Hans guy who murdered his wife in Oakland?”

I think I preferred it when people just stared blankly when I told them what I do.

6 thoughts on “Linux == murder

  1. Linux killed the OS star?

    Well depending on my mood, I would have probably answered “Actually the Cult of the Penguin was started by our saviour the Finnish programmer, Linux. Murdering your significant other is just the 3rd step to enlightenment. We usually start off with just murdering artists.”

    Then again.. people take me too seriously when I do that.


  2. I’ve been trying to tell people that all this time but no one has listened. Finally the public is getting the truth about you depraved people.

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