Linux consultants untie [1]

For some reason, I get a surprising number of inquiries about Linux bootloader consulting despite being a Linux file systems consultant. As far as I can tell, this is the result of exactly one instance of the word “bootloader” on my company web site. I’ve tried a few Google searches but nothing about me comes up immediately so I’m still a little baffled.

If anyone out there is actually an expert in x86 bootloaders, drop me a line and I’ll refer these people to you. If you’re any kind of Linux consultant at all, drop me a line too – I turn down more business than I accept and always like to have someone to refer potential clients to.


9 thoughts on “Linux consultants untie [1]

  1. Install AWstats and it will tell you what searches people used to find you. And it’s free. ;)

  2. google analytics is easier than awstats

    sign up, one line of java script, no additional load on your server.

  3. hpa

    You might direct them at H Peter Anvin: syslinux/pxelinux/isolinux/all around knowledgable guy

  4. Hans-Peter Anvin is Linux’s ultimate expert in bootloaders for x86, but I am wondering if that would be a good piece of information to pass on to people who hit you instead. I don’t hold it against them that they cannot figure that out on their own. But why poking you? Seems like an attempt to sweep wide and see if anyone bites. Reminds me of phishing.

  5. Denis Vlasenko (current BusyBox maintainer) wrote his own x86 bootloader a couple years back, and could probably puzzle out what the others are doing. (Last I checked he had a day job at Google, but might be interested in side projects.)

    Also, the qemu developers have to know the grotty details of this stuff in order to actually make it _work_. Half of them seem to work for Code Sourcery these days (, and that company does consulting.

    Next guess: contact the people doing LinuxBios.

    Other guesses off the top of my head: the u-boot guys can target x86, and you can always ask on #edev on freenode (that’s mostly arm but not exclusively)…

  6. Linux Consultants

    We’re a Linux consulting company based in Ireland – but I suspect thats a bit outside the range of the people typically contacting you :) – hhmm, this looks a lot like a spam comment doesn’t it? Ah well, you did ask. Feel free to screen.


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