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1. Okay, okay, people without LJ accounts can now comment, they will just be screened for approval to avoid the spambots.

2. Wow, sounds like I need to switch from LiveJournal now that Basic accounts are no longer available to new subscribers. Suggestions? Good lord, I’m so tired of moving my blog.

3. I’ve finally solidified my Theory of LJ Friends (just in time to switch blog thingies). I’m not into “private” posts or friends-only comments, so the only remaining purposes of the friend marker are (a) ego boosting, (b) directing people to blogs they will also like. So I may go through and revamp my friends list. Don’t take either the old or the new list personally.

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  1. Suggestion on hosting

    Well as you seem to have the same regard to the point of “Friends Only” posts I could suggest you host your blog yourself. You can then add a feed to LJ (as I do with which provides a useful point for comments but doesn’t limit people to having to use LJ to read your blog.

  2. It probably is. LJ has done some weird things under both sets of non-Danga owners. (The Six Apart one was deletion of some fictional journals, mainly confined to fanfic, on the grounds that the fictional character was writing about illegal activities.) I’ve always self-hosted, I just have some software that posts it to LJ later. For blogging, it’s not so bad, as the ready-made software available for self-hosted blogging seems to be about equivalent in quality to the hosted software. I wish this was true for photo galleries.

  3. This might be useful for getting friends-locked stuff from people like me, for your external RSS reader. I haven’t tried it, but if you do, let me know how it works out.

    I am going to vote against WordPress on the grounds that PHP is icky and exploitable, but I will put in a vote for ikiwiki (Perl, good community, lead developer is rad, many hooks for many revision control systems) and pyblosxom because…it’s not PHP? And you can just use flat text files for entries, which is fun, and also amenable to revision control.

  4. pyblosxom

    And annoying to update, as it takes mtime on the file as the modified date for RSS feeds, and if you’re prone to post-publication editing you can bug all your readers by popping repeatedly to the top of their feed as you fix up your spelling. Unless they’ve updated it since I last used it.

  5. WordPress blog

    I host my own WordPress blog (www.erica.biz) and would recommend it. It takes some plugin tweaking to get things totally smooth, but I am sure you are for that. The ability to use themes and customize them as much as you want is superlative.

  6. i like your blog becauser of the technical insite you have; especially when you review papers. i never find stuf like that

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