The Hans Reiser Show

Someone pointed out that Hans Reiser started testifying for his murder trial (against the advice of his lawyer) a few days ago. It’s the usual level of black comedy only possible with the kind of terrifyingly focused personality common in open source. E.g.:

And then the defendant began answering why he told partygoers his family was a financial burden.

“I was being a patronizing asshole.”

“What I was saying, men don’t need for themselves wives and children. If a man is taking care of wives and children, he is being generous,” the defendant testified.

“It does sound like you were being a patronizing asshole,” DuBois said.


“Why were you being a patronizing asshole on this occasion?” DuBois asked.

A few responses later, the defendant said that marriage and family “it’s altruistic in the financial sense. Well, and, uhm, you know. It’s a lot cheaper to hire a housekeeper.”

The whole thing is being live-blogged (whatever that means) at Wired:

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