Maintainer needed: TCP/IP Drinking Game

So I just updated the TCP/IP Drinking Game with the latest batch of questions… many of which were over a year old… Augh, the guilt, the guilt! This, folks, is the sign that you need to find a new maintainer.

Interested in maintaining the TCP/IP Drinking Game? Requires the willingness to grovel through the RFC database and frequently peruse books made of actual dead trees. If so, email me.

Next up: the File Systems Drinking Game?

One thought on “Maintainer needed: TCP/IP Drinking Game

  1. it’s not as useful as an offer to take over mainteance, but this rfc reader i wrote a couple years ago might make it a little easier to find questions and answers. example: rfc -k "transmission control protocol" lists everything from 0761 DoD standard Transmission Control Protocol. J. Postel. January 1980. (Format: TXT=167049 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) to 4022 Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). R. Raghunarayan, Ed.. March 2005. (Format: TXT=47360 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2452, RFC2012) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD), and rfc 2012 shows the latter in a pager. the script uses wget to fetch indices and rfcs as needed from and, and caches aggressively, but please be careful not to fetch lots of RFCs all at once.

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