Macbook Air part 1: Keyboard and mouse

So I’m running Mac OS X for the first time in about 4 years. I’m spending nearly all my time desperately finding keyboard shortcuts because I absolutely cannot work if I have to use the mouse on a regular basis. This is made harder because I’ve been using my teeny little Panasonic CF-R5, which is designed to match the fingers of Japanese teenage girls. This turns out to be a feature because I don’t have to stretch my hand as far to do things, especially since I use emacs and have to reach for ESC all the time. But the result is that I’m having to relearn how to use all the modifier keys, and some of them are just not in the right place. I have Caps Lock already remapped to Control, at least (thanks, Nathan) and I immediately increased the repeat rate. Oh, and Quicksilver is teh bomb for keyboard-y goodness.

The mousepad is… better than I expected. I turned on tap-to-click, but I can’t seem to triple-click when tapping, only with the button. And apparently my fingers aren’t sweaty enough, because I have to push really hard to get the mousepad to respond sometimes. Otherwise, the scrolling and pinching stuff is pretty cool.

That being said, the keyboard and mouse are quite nice from an objective point of view. Nice response, hard to fat-finger things, really big mousepad.

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  1. Keybindings in Quicksilver

    I’ve set keybindings, or “triggers” as Quicksilver calls them that will directly summon my different applications. A friend of mine did this to great success.

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