SuperHappyDevHouse 23

Yesterday was SuperHappyDevHouse 23, located for the first time in San Francisco (yeah!). It’s basically a programming party with a heavy focus on web 2.0 stuff, but they still let kernel programmers in. It was held in a co-working space, so for the first time there were nearly enough chairs and power outlets for everyone.

During the 6 hours I was there, I learned a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts for my Macbook Air (but still don’t know a way to copy and paste without using two key sequences, which is two key sequences too many), made some significant progress on my silent data corruption contract, and finally got puppet installed and running. About 20 people wanted to pick up my Macbook Air and the rest merely stared lustfully. I brought along my good old Panasonic CF-R5 too; after all, together they only weigh 5.1 lbs. And of course, I made new friends, caught up with the old, and drank the free beer (courtesy Mohr Davidow Ventures).

5 thoughts on “SuperHappyDevHouse 23

  1. interest mix?

    I thought about hitting one of those, but it seems so Web 2.0 heavy. I figured they would only be talking about Ruby on Rails, or Ajax, or something else I know nothing about. Or their business plan. Anyone else there who’s into kernel hacking?

  2. Re: interest mix?

    Once there were three kernel hackers there, though I was the only one doing it at that particular time. This last one I was working on something in Ruby (a language I’d never seen before last month), so I was perfectly happy with the web 2.0 focus.

    I say just show up. Part of the benefit of SHDH is in explaining what you are doing to other people, for both the teddy bear effect and to get used to giving elevator pitches. Also, all the web 2.0 kids will be in awe of you.

  3. Do you use Parallels on your MacBook Air?

    I’m wondering if you were doing the Linux dev in a VM running under Parallels on your MacBook Air. If so, how well does it work?

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