Ignore pop culture at your peril

I like to be blissfully ignorant of pop culture in the general case. For example, today I saw a magazine cover with the “Actor of the Year” or something like that, and I actually picked it up because I didn’t recognize his face at all (NB: it was Patrick Dempsey). Now that I order my groceries online, my last tenuous connection with pop culture – reading tabloids while checking out – has been severed.

But today my ignorance bit me. I needed to get a Macbook for a contract and naturally I should get the new Air, right? So I waltzed into the next Apple store I saw and told the salesperson I wanted to buy an Air. Turns out that, as everyone except me knows, they are chronically sold out and each store only gets like four a day, and they’d already sold out by 11am. My very nice salesperson (Greg at the Apple on Stockton) gave me the phone numbers for the other two stores in the city. I could get the last one at the Chestnut Street Apple if I could get there in 15 minutes, so I hailed a cab and got to do the classic thing of throwing a $20 bill at the cabbie as I leaped out of the cab.

I am now the proud owner of the last Macbook Air in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day. (I still don’t have an iPod.)

5 thoughts on “Ignore pop culture at your peril

  1. air`

    why do people go for a mac ?
    anyways congrats .. I know its too late .. but just started ..reading your blog .. Keep up the nice work of GNU/Linux promotion .. your logo’s just awesome I hope you dont mind me making some stickers to give it to chix …:)

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