Stuff I learned this week

Turns out that Brad Fitzpatrick has been working on open API for sharing information about social networks. I think about 12 people in the world were surprised. Oh, also, SWEET! I’m so tired of reconnecting on every new social network that comes out.

Puppet is a tool to create high-level OS/distro/whatever independent descriptions of computer configuration, including packages to install, config files to edit, etc. in a modular way. I’m going to create a configuration for my laptop so I can reinstall it as often as I want (which is pretty damned often). As a file systems developer, I (a) really love repartitioning my disk, (b) need lots of packages not part of any easily installed package group, (c) am a total control freak.

I’ve never seen Dave Miller talk before this year’s LCA, so I didn’t know what a great speaker he was. Upon reflection, open source is saturated with excellent public speakers, like Rusty Russell, Zach Brown, Dave Jones, Matthew Garrett, Luke Kanies, Bryan Cantrill, ad nauseum. I guess the best way to describe it is technical stand-up improv comedy. Now, granted, LCA is strongly biased towards entertaining speakers, but still, this seems unlikely to be pure chance.

Latency in Australia SUCKS! Doesn’t Google have a data center here? WTF?

Air New Zealand will serve you food at the slightest provocation.

There’s more, but I have to leave for a flight in about half an hour. In summary, a high bit-rate week.

6 thoughts on “Stuff I learned this week

  1. Yep. DaveM’s a good speaker, and I completely agree about Matthew Garrett, too. I saw him speaking about Dasher many years ago. I’d never heard of him at the time. But he was such a compelling speaker that I’ve been to every one of his talks that I’ve been able to get to since, even when it’s conflicted with other talks on subjects I might have been more interested in. There’s a lot to be said for being able to communicate well.

  2. No data centre yet, just an office in Sydney. is brought to you via Taiwan, which we have an excruciatingly slow link to.

    Australian connectivity isn’t actually that bad. I had 24mbit ADSL2+ when I was still living there in 2005, and I was surprised how speedy it was when I came back.

  3. i flew QANTAS.. had a comical moment when the meal was served.. it was “meat pie”…
    “what kind of meat” i asked.
    “Cooked meat”
    I asked again, but the answer was the same.. “it’s…. cooked.”

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