As usual, LCA is absolutely fabulous. While it isn’t a pure kernel conference, it still has a lot of hard-core kernel talks, so it’s intellectually satisfying to me. LCA treats its speakers like rock stars so lots of developers who are too jaded to go running off to any random Linux conference do make a point of flying halfway around the world to attend. As a result, the socializing and networking are excellent. And the conference venue is conveniently located for enjoying the justly celebrated Melbourne nightlife. My quest to develop a taste for martinis (gin and vermouth based ones) is progressing nicely.

My talk is over (woot!) and I finished the chunkfs demo in time for it (double woot!). I updated my chunkfs page with the prototype and the presentation slides; with luck I’ll add a link to the video of the talk.

Zach Brown’s CRFS talk was totally awesome. It’s a network file system based on btrfs. Delegation of key ranges using MOSI cache coherency… ahhhhh, beautiful. I’ll post links to that to when available.

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