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Today I had brunch with a friend who recently moved here from New Mexico, Matt Sherer. We talked about the recent “major storm” in the Bay area that cut power to a lot of places and knocked down what seemed like one tree per block in the Mission. Neither Matt nor I would have known there was a storm if it weren’t for the vegetation piled on the sidewalks the next day. 70 mph gusts are just part of life in New Mexico. I’d be feeding the goats, etc., and drop a bucket, and it would blow all the way across our 10 acres and fetch up against the fence and I’d have to go get it. I hated that. Man, I sound like Little House on the Prairie.

In the same vein, I noticed that the daily high and low for San Francisco for the next couple of days differ by 10 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Now THAT is weird. And awesome. There’s a reason why I live here and not in New Mexico.

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  1. A tree blew over right outside my hotel room window without me noticing, so it’s not just New Mexicans. Mind you, I slept through The Great Storm of 1987[1] despite a tree landing in the back garden. Maybe I just like sleep.

    [1] A one in three hundred years event that then happened again three years later, resulting in much complaining from people who don’t understand Poisson distributions and a variety of unhappy weather reporters.

  2. San Francisco is unequipped to deal with weather, period.

    I’m from Florida, so everyone losing their shit about “THE STORM” was pretty hilarious to me. In FL we learned a long time ago to bury our power lines, and we know how to drive during the end times.

    You should’ve seen people here last summer when it got up to 80F one day. I’m pretty sure everyone thought they were going to die.

    Also, the lack of seasons is totally fucking with my normal ability to tell that time has passed. Can you believe Florida was more seasonal than this place??

  3. I slept through The Great Storm of 1987

    I thought I was the only one! My mum came in and woke me up, saying “So you won’t be going in to school today, then”. I asked why not, and then looked out of the window to see the carnage. But I’d been completely oblivious to it until that point…

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