3 thoughts on “Updated company web site

  1. website

    1) I think you are radically awesome and brilliant.
    2) Despite #1, the website still looks like it was done in Emacs in about three minutes by someone who learned HTML from the RFCs and doesn’t have time for silly things like CSS.
    3) That is probably okay, depending on your intended audience.

  2. Re: website

    Excuse me, it took at least 30 seconds to format the web site in Emacs. And I learned HTML before there were even HTML RFCs, so, uh, my HTML is even worse than you think! Ha!

    I’m trying to avoid the slick overproduced we-are-fake look, but clearly I’m just finding an excuse for being lazy. I’ll fiddle with CSS after I finish this code.


  3. Sense Check


    to my eye/ear this sentence makes no sense at all.

    “… as well as extensive leadership in the open source and research file systems research.”


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