RIP bag

I was really hoping my incredibly awesome Linuxconf Australia laptop bag would make it until the next LCA at the end of January, but last night one of the strap snaps (?) broke.


Two of my friends had the exact same failure mode with their bags, which still makes them the most awesome laptop bags ever. I need to pull strings and find out whether the next LCA will have an awesome laptop bag too.

12 thoughts on “RIP bag

  1. That makes you the third person I know whose LCA bag broke that way (Kristen and Deepak had this too). The other common failure mode is for the snap to poke a hole in the bag, which has also happened to me. I’d do the strap switcheroo but for two things: The super-comfy strap is a major feature of the bag, and the rest of the bag is looking… bedraggled. Like something a homeless person would use to store their discarded footwear collection.

    Note for future conference swag designers: BEWARE THE STRAP!

  2. I usually don’t even let them give me the branded conference swag. It’s been years since I accepted a USENIX t-shirt. But the LCA swag is really primo. Last year we also got sunblock, lip balm, and a very practical if not particularly attractive sun hat. Yet another reason why LCA is Best. Linux. Conference. Ever.

  3. If you want a replacement

    I have a unused LCA bag sitting in my “take to Goodwill box”. If one of you wants it send me your mailing address: brandon [at]

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