Keith Henson is a child molester

Continuing the cheery theme of the last week…

My biological father, Keith Henson, is a serial child molester. (You don’t want to read that link if you don’t have to.) I have been forced to declare this in the most public way because he’s out of prison (sadly, on unrelated charges) and is once again showing up to the same conferences that I attend; most recently, the invitation-only Hackers conference. Naturally, I can’t look on Keith’s smug face without feeling homicidal rage, so I really have only two choices: (1) Change my career so our professional circles have no overlap, (2) Utterly ruin his reputation so that he is too embarrassed to appear in public. I’m going for (2).

As another consequence of Keith’s reappearance in the California hacker scene, I’m partitioning my social network. You can’t be friends with both me and Keith Henson; you’re going to have to pick one. For help in making your choice, see my Keith Henson is a child molester page. (Again, don’t read this unless you have to.)

On a side note, I don’t speak to any of my parents or their spouses. People wonder why I’m so distrusting of slimy men and authority figures. Answer: long bitter repeated personal experience from an early age. I wish that my family’s experience was even remotely unusual.

One more request: Please please please don’t post or email apologies. If you feel bad and want to do something, lobby for changes in the way sex crimes are investigated and prosecuted. Give victims of alleged rape the same respect and benefit of the doubt you would give to a middle-aged rich white man who alleges that he was mugged. Remember the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of rape and dropped charges after the national media printed her name? Yeah, you probably thought she was a crazy slut. That’s exactly what Kobe’s lawyers wanted you to think.

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