Where’s Val?

This week: Boston
Last week: San Francisco
Week before that: Portland
Last month: D.C.
Next month: Australia

What always happens to my resolution to travel less? This isn’t a subtle way to gloat about how important I am, this is genuine sadness. Just Say No To Travel – why is it so hard? On the way out here, the flight was full and the ticket machine asked me if I would be willing to give up my seat in return for a travel voucher. “My reward is another flight?” I thought as I punched “Yes.” “I hope it’s transferrable.” At least I have cut out the international stuff for the most part (.au excepted).

I just read Ellen Ullman’s Close to the Machine: Technophilia and its Discontents. I thought it would be more about techno-alienation and the 3am drives home, exhausted, twitchy, wondering how you ended up in the Valley flipping bits for a living. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of that, but Ellen spends more time thinking about the connection between the systems she programs and the people that use them than her own relationship with programming. Oh, and I’m desparate to know who the Brian character is based on, but after endless Google searches I have admitted defeat. I think I might have to go ask real humans in person or something hideous like that.

NB: If you’re in the Boston area and wondering why I didn’t ping you, it’s not because I hate you. This is just my first chance to stay home and do nothing in the evening for at least a month. Also, all of Boston is covered in a thin coat of ice.

4 thoughts on “Where’s Val?

  1. I did a little ice-skating – backwards down the slight ramp up to the hotel door. At the bottom, I checked the tread on my brand new boots: yep, those big chunky treads look eminently capable of handling ice but weren’t, actually. I only managed to make it to the door by bracing myself on one of those giant metal ashtray/buoy things until I could get to the dry bit. I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco.

  2. What is with these over booked flights? Happens to me on domestic flights in the US..

    yes, i just spent 20 hours on a plane, 4 hours with a sleazy immigration guy, and then a full strip search in the domestic terminal, and now i’m gonna give up my seat.. can’t United Airlines learn to count their seats and not sell more than they have??

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