Portland vs. San Francisco: Cage Match!!!

Why am I moving to San Francisco only 6 months after I moved to Portland? Enquiring minds want to know!

The short version is that Portland is a great city to live in, and I have a lot of friends here, but San Francisco is a great city to work in, and I have even more friends there. (I have a work/life balance, it’s just tilted heavily towards work.) One of my reasons for moving to Portland was that I wanted to get away from the high-stress lifestyle of the Bay area and the constant pressure to start a company, and spend more face time with my awesome Intel co-workers in Hillsboro. And then I immediately quit my job and started a Linux file systems consulting company. You can take the girl out of the Bay area, but you can’t take the Bay area out of the girl.

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not moving back to San Francisco, since I never lived there. I actually lived in Mountain View, which is an hour’s drive from San Francisco but a century away in terms of culture. When I decided to leave Mountain View, the only places that interested me were Portland and San Francisco. At the time, I couldn’t imagine living without a car, and I couldn’t imagine living in San Francisco with a car. After three idyllic months in Portland of almost never driving, I sold my car and have used public transit plus Flexcar exclusively since then. I’m even used to men constantly harassing me on the street now. I view Portland as my training city for San Francisco. It might be my retirement city, too.

I really like my friends in Portland, and I will absolutely be back to visit several times a year – the summer part of the year, most likely. PDX crew: Keep an eye out for emergency beerings.

And thank you to everyone who helped me paint my apartment in Portland. I only got to enjoy it for six months, but it cheered me up immensely.

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  1. Thanks for hanging out in Portland for the time you did, and know you would be happily received back any time for a stay of short or long duration.

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