Vonage, voicemail, and crash-only software

I happened to accidentally check my Vonage voicemail page and discovered that I had 13 voicemails piled up since September 21st from various people such as, oh, my tax consultant, a potential client, and my sisters. I set up my voicemail so that my cell phone picks it up first, and my Vonage voicemail only picks up when my cell phone voicemail is broken. Then Vonage is supposed to email me and text me the .wav and text transcript of the message (for 25 cents!). It’s this last step that was broken. I called customer service and guess what the solution was? Reloading my settings. It’s like crash-only software, but without the bit that detects the part that’s broken and reboots it. Nngh!!! And yeah, there’s the broken dial tone when you pick up the headset that tells you if you have a message, but I’m so used to ignoring that because I usually don’t delete the voicemail for a while, and it can’t tell when I’ve played the .wav or read the text message.

Anyone with experience with Comcast VoIP doo-dah? I really like Vonage except for the reliability bit.

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