Best. Apartment. Ever.

Lina found the best best best apartment ever. In classic San Francisco rental fashion, we had to decide whether to sign a 16 month lease within 4 hours of seeing it or else face fierce competition from the open house. It’s a fabulously beautiful renovated Victorian on the south edge of the Mission (for reasons of preserving Lina’s sanity, it is NOT located on the north edge of Glen Park). I didn’t really believe we had the apartment until we had the keys in our sweaty little hands.

I think this photo of the shower head in my bathroom says it all:

If you are not a stalker, email me and I’ll send you the rest of the photos and the Google maps link so you can use Street View.

2 thoughts on “Best. Apartment. Ever.

  1. apartment

    I just read your interview on the Linux Magazine where you said you live in downtown SF – therefore you moved out of this building in the Mission, no?

    In any case, would you care for showing more images and perhaps the address? I live in the civic center and am looking for a change. This shower head hints at greatness. :)


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