Moving to San Francisco

The word is on the street: I’m moving back to San Francisco around Dec. 1st. Several of my friends heard the news through the grapevine and are wondering if I’m not telling them in hopes of pretending I still live in Portland and can’t come over to watch their vacation slides. The reality is that announcing the move is fraught with implications and knotty social problems. To wit:

  • What do I say when people ask me why I’m leaving Portland only a few months after I went?
  • What if something horrible goes wrong and I don’t actually move?
  • What if people are tired of invitations to my going-away/house-warming parties and want me to stop emailing them about my moves?

My plan was to wait until I got an apartment (courtesy my wonderful roommate-to-be, Lina), but that’s taking a little longer than anticipated. Man, the rental market in San Francisco is tough! They want all THREE versions of my credit report!

Anyway, I’m moving to San Francisco, I’m mildly embarrassed about it, and you’re still my friend. Announcement of going-away/house-warming parties to follow.

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