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Starting your own feminist backchannel

If you’re a feminist with an online presence, you know how hard it is to have a public conversation with your friends without some rando sea-lioning in to the middle of your discussion with his very important man-sights. Maybe they … Continue reading

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More adventures in self-doxxing: my online dating profile

So, I’ve decided to start dating again. Dating anonymously online is neither possible nor desirable: even in the Bay Area, I’m the only kernel programmer turned professional feminist activist. Online dating profiles are, of course, filled with wonderful juicy tidbits … Continue reading

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How did you find your co-founder(s)?

A lot of my friends are starting new ventures, inspired in part by Amelia Greenhall’s excellent post on starting your own b(r)and. I helped write some sections, including the one on what to look for in a good co-founder. Now … Continue reading

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TV I like

Something happened to TV in the last few years: it got much better, and it got easier to watch. So I find myself, an anti-TV die hard, slightly sad that I only have 24 hours of vacation left in which … Continue reading

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Thanking things for their service

Personal organizer Marie Kondo has some unique organizing advice, as summarized by Penelope Green for the New York Times: “Discard everything that does not ‘spark joy,’ after thanking the objects that are getting the heave-ho for their service.” One of … Continue reading

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Operating systems war story: How feminism helped me solve one of file systems’ oldest conundrums

Hi, my name is Valerie Aurora, and I am the inventor of a software feature that has prevented billions of unnecessary writes to hard drives, saving energy and making our computers faster. My invention is called “relative atime,” and this … Continue reading

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Handy tips for my Internet harassers

[NSFW, trigger warnings galore. Harassers, be sure to read this at home.] Today I was worrying: what if people decide to harass me on the Internet and do kind of a terrible job of it? I mean, I know of … Continue reading

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