Leaving San Francisco

I’m leaving for Tucson in three days! Apartment rented, movers scheduled, etc. Still no time to write something thoughtful and subtle, as I’m trying to get another release of union mounts today before I go on two weeks vacation.

I’m going to miss San Francisco, but I’ll miss my friends even more. Thanks to everyone who made my 8 years in California so great.

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2 Responses to Leaving San Francisco

  1. Tom in AZ says:

    Not that I’ve remembered to hit a meeting in, um, years, but TFUG (http://tfug.org/) has an active mailing list and actual meetings too.

  2. You’ll be missed! Who else could I call at 3 in the afternoon and say, “Hey, I’m in SF today, want to meet for happy hour?” :-) Best wishes!!!!!!

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