FAST ’09

Yo! Forget not! The next FAST (USENIX File systems And Storage Technologies) conference is coming up February 24 – 27:

The best part: It’s in downtown San Francisco! Compare and contrast with the location of the last two FAST conferences in “downtown” San Jose.

I have several personal reasons for attending. First, it’s only a bus ride away, so my travel budget comes to about $12. Second, I had the honor to be on the program committee for FAST this year, an event which is unlikely to repeat itself. A third and directly related reason is that I’m very interested in the papers this year, in particular “Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System Benchmarking” from Nitin Agrawal, et alia at UW Madison. I can’t wait for this tool to be open sourced – it will be an enormous boost to file systems developers and testers.

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