A band-aid solution

I am creeped out by having a built-in video camera on my laptop. I never use it, so the only thing it’s good for is being taken over by malicious spyware in order to stream video of me pottering about in my bathrobe to malfeasants across the globe. I don’t trust disabling it in software – I’m an OS programmer, and I can think of a dozen ways to turn it back on. I don’t even trust the little "I am recording" light to go on. Even if the programming interface for the device doesn’t define a knob to turn it off, it’s the kind of thing you’d build in to the chip and disable via firmware (or just not mention it in the spec). Go ahead and call me paranoid because, well, I am.

So the only reliable solution is to disable it via hardware – i.e., tape it over. I finally got around to it today, but when I pulled out the electrical tape, I realized it might gum up the camera lens, which would be irritating if I ever wanted to use it again. So I used a band-aid. I took one of those "spot" band-aids, trimmed it a little, and aligned the padded part over the camera lens. Results:

And because I’m *that* paranoid, I took a picture with it:

I release this valuable intellectual property into the public domain.

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